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JC Drones – Great media coverage

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Meet Jack Cordingley – Drone expert located in Carnforth, constantly helping his local community through usage of technology.

So, a little bit of background; Jack, aged just 28, has been flying drones for five years, and recently set up his own business in March of this year, JC Drones ( a company based around providing high quality photographic and ultra HD video packages to clients in need of aerial coverage.

Jack approached us here at JamRock design at the beginning of the year, and was one of the very first clients to take advantage of the free website campaign, he had just came out of the RAF and needed all the help he could get on setting up the online side of his new company. We implemented a fully functioning, fully responsive website for Jack, which has strong links to his social media. Jack decided to provide his own content for the site, and is now getting fantastic response from not only the website but his social media too.

Now meet Beth, Darren and Holly – a couple and their dog. Holly disappeared on the Abbeystead/Mallowdale Fell area near Lancaster, and after frantically searching for her with no results, put out a post on the Facebook group DroneSARForLostDogsUK – a community based around lost dogs in order to get the word out and find pets sooner.

Jack was tagged in the post by another member of the 200 strong group, and saw that the dog lost was near to where he lived. After getting in touch with Holly’s owners, Jack met with Darren at 1pm within the Abbeystead area.

Jack did several flights on his drone in order to look for Holly, and on the third try spotted her. Darren went running to chase her, and she was saved soon after.

Holly isn’t the only dog that Jack has helped – he also helped a man whos dog had gone AWOL on Coniston!

Jack is also in the process of looking to add a thermal imaging camera to his collection soon, which will assist in helping the RNLI to find missing people.

Want to learn more about Jack Cordingley and his business? Visit his website at:

JCDrones on Facebook!

Want to find out how you can get a free website for your business? Visit: for more information –

alternatively, give 01524 844649 a call for a free, no obligation consultation!

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