Six Months On: Free Websites are Flying Out the Door! (& How to Get Yours)

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6 Months ago, we introduced you to our exciting free websites project – brand new for 2017, we’re giving away thousands of sites to small businesses who can benefit from a digital boost. After six months, we’ve been absolutely delighted by the response: our websites are flying out the door, and our designers are busier than they’ve ever been sorting out sites for all our newest clients.

We’ve also picked up some great coverage from the local press; cheers to the good folks over at In the Bay for this article: (we’re the Lancaster web agency…)!

We’re really glad that the news is getting out there, and with plenty of free websites still on offer, we’re grateful to IntheBay for helping us ensure that all you small businesses who could benefit from a free site get a chance to hear about our offer. Read the full article here.

Now, we wouldn’t want to put out an update about our latest campaign without celebrating the team that’s making it all possible: our Account Managers, our designers, SEO and social media execs. When you grab a free website from the JamRock team, these are the people who put their back into making it look great for you, and if you decide to get us involved on other aspects of your marketing, it’s this team of experts that will help to spread the word of your business far and wide. We love to welcome our clients into the offices so you can get a feel for how we work – so here’s a sneak peak of some of our talented & creative staff hard at work.


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Welcome To JamRock!

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