JamRock Supports the Lancaster Community – and You Can Too!

By October 10, 2016Company News

Being based at the Storey in Lancaster means that we’re surrounded by Lancastrian culture every single day – and this sort of working environment builds a really strong bond between a company and its community. And, while delivering services to Lancaster base companies is one way in which we can help the community grow and excel – by building up local businesses – sometimes it’s important to find other ways to support local people.

That’s why last week, our trusty SEO team headed to the Lancaster & District Homeless Action Service (LDHAS) to make a donation on behalf of the company – stocking them up with sleeping bags that will help people who find themselves living on the streets stay warm as the seasons turn icier. We were particularly interested to learn about how the charity ensures that items like sleeping bags are useful throughout the whole winter, by asking their clients to return them to be laundered and redistributed – keeping them from being ruined by harsh conditions. They also provide pop-up tents that can provide essential shelter; this is an excellent item for those looking to make a donation!

The LDHAS Mission

If you’re not familiar with the work that the LDHAS does across Lancaster, here’s a quick overview that will bring you up to speed on all of their great work.

They define their mission statement very clearly, giving a real sense of the variety of services that they offer to their clients:

“We aim to empower vulnerable homeless people to take control of their lives, as well as being a voice for homeless people.

We aim to prevent homelessness, take action on behalf of homeless people and seek to improve services, ensuring fairness for all”.

Teamwork Join Hands Support Together Concept

It’s certainly a very positive mission, and one which provides an invaluable service for many people across Lancaster. So how do they achieve it? They have projects such as the H2H Homelessness to Home project, which is focussed on housing people who do not have shelter, or are in danger of becoming homeless soon.

But it doesn’t end there, as the charity also provide immediate support which help with important needs such as food supplies, showers and fresh clothing, access to phones and essential identification documents and much more – including advice and information as well as physical items.


Do You Feel Inspired to Get Involved?

We’re delighted to have been able to support LDHAS in our own small way, but we also recognise that it will take a lot more to see them achieve their goals. If you would like to lend a hand, you can volunteer in a number of different ways – head to their website for more information – or make donations at the Edward Street Day Centre. Choosing to support homeless people through a charity like the LDHAS is the best way to ensure that their needs are being met properly, as it provides long term support rather than one-off quick fixes.

If you want to know more about the work that we do here at JamRock, you can take a look at our services page or talk to a member of our team by calling 01524 509 035. We love hearing from Lancaster locals and people across the whole UK – so wherever you’re based, get in touch today.

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