The Importance of Call to Actions

By October 16, 2015Design Team

What Are Call To Actions

Call to Actions are text or illustrative prompts to perform certain actions within a website. These prompts can be anything from ‘Get a Quote’ to simply ‘Call Us’.
Everything from your website, blog, marketing materials should carry with it a clear and rich amount of relevant call to actions. For a business not to include these could result in losing leads and perhaps much needed business.

Best Practice for Call to Actions

However, not any old call to action will do on your website and marketing materials; you will need to be sure they are relevant to the page content it is being displayed on, as well as the stage of the buying cycle it exists in.

For example, if you simply sold mobile phones. You wouldn’t necessarily put ‘Buy Phone Now’ on the home page, you may look to use that on one of the mobile phone product pages. Adding a call to action such as, ‘Call us today for information on our services’ for the home page; adding call to actions in relevant context will benefit you a great deal more.

4 Simple Points to Remember

Remember some simple rules to get the right call to actions on your website:
•    Short and Sweet: Don’t scare off potential clients by hitting them with large amounts of text or unclear messages, keep it short and you will stand a better chance of keeping your potential clients attention.
•    Buzzword call to actions: keep them short and to the point – Call us today, send us a message etc.
•    Your Audience: Will your potential clients respond better to text, visual aids or even videos in you call to actions.
•    Avoid any industry specific lingo: you may understand it, but your potential clients will not – keep it simple.
When taking into consideration all these things, you should ask yourself; have you got clear, concise call to actions within your website? JamRock Design are experts in Web Design and can help you restore order to the chaos that is lead conversion – Call us today on 01524 509 035

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