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Can’t find your site on the major search engines? Maybe our Lancaster based SEO services can help put you on the map? Whether you are well versed in search engine optimisation or a complete novice we aim to increase your knowledge in the key issues and help your site get the right amount of traffic to allow you to carry on with the day to day running of your business.

Search engine optimisation is essential for any website that wants to be found on Google or any of the major search engines. To those who aren’t in the know SEO can be a long and sometimes perilous journey which may result in very little results. Based in Lancaster, our SEO specialist has years of industry experience and is prepared to optimise your site and continue the SEO process once on site optimisation is complete to retain your search positions.

We pride ourselves in our natural approach to SEO and use only organic methods when optimising your site. We begin the optimisation process by assessing your sites content and on site optimisation. Next we conduct keyword research and review your competitors’ sites to formulate the best plan for your own SEO strategy. After presenting the findings back to you we will then implement the on site optimisation and update your site content where necessary.

Once the on site optimisation is complete we will then begin the off site optimisation and start developing your link profile. We carefully select all our links to make sure you have a healthy link profile that will prevent your website from receiving a penalty from Google. As the off site optimisation progresses we will report back to you with any significant results and offer further suggestions if your business expands or diversifies into a new market.

So whether you are seeking SEO in Lancaster or any location worldwide Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.