Last Minute Festive Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Most companies have a week or so left of trading before breaking for Christmas – and while the huge brands rolled their big-budget Christmas adverts out several weeks ago, it’s actually not too late to go for one final big, festive push with your current campaign.

12 Days of Deals

A lot of businesses choose to use an interactive advent calendar to give away a different deal or promotion every day, drawing repeat traffic to their website as people check in to get their time sensitive offers. While you may have missed the boat for an advent calendar, there’s no reason that you can’t use the ’12 Days of Christmas’ theme to create a similar campaign.

From discounts and deals to competitions free branded merchandise, you can get people interested in your site by heading to social media and announcing a different, limited deal each day. Just make sure that number 12 is the cherry on the cake: your customers will expect you to be building up to something.

christmas-1892708_960_720Share a Festive Message

By far the simplest option, updating your website to share some holiday cheer with your loyal customers is a great way to build trust and show that you care. If you’re reading this in December 2016, then you’ll be able to see the snowfall that we’ve added to our site to celebrate the holiday; head to the home page to see our full festive message.

If you run a company blog, then why not add a post thanking everybody who has supported you through the year or – just like this one – offering industry-specific tips that will come in handy for your customers this Christmas? Alternatively, you can go JamRock’s favourite route with a festive banner and a smattering of snow. Speak to our design team if you’d like us to get a Christmas/New Year banner up on your site.

Run a Christmassy Contest

Do you have a reasonable social media following? If so, a contest that asks them to submit photos of their Christmas sweaters, decorated trees or other festive images is always a great way to get into that holiday spirit. Better still, incorporate your own product into the contest (think of coffee chains that ask people to take a selfie with their Christmas cups for some inspiration!).

Just make sure that you offer a prize that’s enough to get your fan base excited, and to promote your contest all over social media; if you’re thinking of running a social ad campaign then this is definitely the thing to push.

christmas-1072579_960_720Record Your Own Festive Clip

What about letting people get to know your company a little better, while also creating some fun, shareable material that will give people a good chuckle? Record some office antics – such as decorating the Christmas Tree, knocking out a quick rendition of your favourite carol, or tucking into a Christmas pudding. Get it up on social media or your company blog, share it far and wide, and give people a giggle that helps them remember you brand.

This should be quirky, Christmassy, not too long (a silent 5-second clip is great if it gets the message across), funny, and targeted at your core audience. Alternatively, you can go the more traditional route with a simple happy Christmas video – but from animated elves with your employee’s faces to a clip of your office manager getting their mouth around a mince pie, we prefer something a little bit different.


If you want to give your business a boost before the Christmas period is over then now is definitely the time to it: grab the attention of those last minute Christmas shoppers and make sure your brand gets noticed throughout the festive marketing period.

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