Spotlight: Lancashire’s Crazy Sofa Sale Warehouse

By November 17, 2016Case Studies, Social Media

It’s time for a glimpse behind the scene; we want to show you what the JamRock crew have been up to lately, and today it’s the turn of our social media department. Here’s a quick run through of the success that they’ve had with Lancashire’s Crazy Sofa Sale Warehouse: well done, team!

In just one month, the Facebook page for Lancashire’s Crazy Sofa Sale Warehouse has grown a huge amount, bringing in over 500 page likes and reaching a huge audience with our posts and videos. More importantly, through social media marketing alone, they have been able to sell well over 100 sofas. Not bad! These levels of reach and engagement far exceed those commonly associated with small, local companies, and are a direct result of our targeting and posting strategies.

A SofaSocial media is very company specific: what works for one brand won’t necessarily work for others. This is why it’s so important to consider the nature of a particular business, and have a tailored strategy. With the Sofa Sale Warehouse, it was all about targeting people in the local area by promoting flash sales events, sharing information with relevant groups full of potential consumers, developing a fun and instantly recognisable online personality, and promoting regular images reflecting the quality and style of products.

Below, you can see the data that we captured within just the first month – building a page (and a brand) up from nothing to reach almost 50,000 people and engage with a very healthy proportion of them. This translated into hard sales, and we didn’t just measure our results using social metrics such as likes and shares, but also actual leads and conversions; this is the data that really matters to a company.


The data above shows how much we were able to achieve in just one week, by carefully targeting our posts to reach the most relevant demographics. We also spent time building up the profile, so that when visitors hit the page they were drawn in. In this way, we were able to treat Facebook as a company website and a valuable marketing tool, producing the content that would let it provide Lancashire’s Crazy Sofa Sale Warehouse with real customers and a captive audience.

Read more about our social media services here, and if you want a shot at getting these results for your brand, call us today on 01524 844649.

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