Who Should Use Social Media Marketing?

Which businesses do you think can benefit from a social media campaign? The youthful tech brands and start-ups that just seem to effortlessly ‘get it’? Well, sure – these companies can probably do pretty well on social media… but the truth is that so can the rest of us.

In fact, we’ve come up with a huge list of different types of businesses and business objectives which can all be helped by a social media campaign. These cover the breadth and depth of contemporary business, showing how universal social media marketing really is. Take a look – we’ll be surprised if you can’t find at least one (and probably more!) of these tips that suits you and your company.

  • You’re offering a local service or trade.

While social media is generally thought of as a global tool that has made the whole world more connected, it’s just as true that it’s a tool for bringing together local communities. Smaller, local businesses can take advantage of this by engaging with local groups, people and events, allowing customers to share reviews that will help build trust in your services, and targeting adverts to people in a specific area.

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  • You have a limited marketing budget, but need to see reasonably quick results.

Conventional marketing and digital marketing strategies can either take a lot of time – focussing on building up results over several months – or a lot of money, and if you don’t have either it can leave you in a difficult position. With social media, you still can’t expect overnight results, but you will see quicker movement for lower costs.

  • You have a clear sense of who your key audience is, and want to target them directly.

Have you nailed down an exact demographic for your product? It doesn’t matter who this demographic is, by using the advanced targeting options available particularly on Facebook but also across other social networks, you’ll be able to put your adverts in front of them.

  • You want to build a brand that can grow and spread – not just a one-off product or service.

Social media is an excellent place for brand development, as it’s where you can experiment with different tones and personality, see what works with your consumers, and start putting out content that demonstrates the core values that you want to reflect.

  • You already have a loyal fan base, and want to find a way to engage with and/or grow them.

One thing that a lot of companies forget, is that social media is a two-way street: it’s not simply about putting messages out there, but also receiving them from customers and fans. A company that’s willing to engage with their buyers on a human level, thanking them for their custom or talking it out when something goes wrong will reap excellent results: including loyalty and reputation.

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  • You have a lot of information to share with your consumers.

A slightly niche tip, but if you’re running any sort of event (even an online one – big sales count!), then using social media to build up the anticipation and make sure that people know what to expect when should be a no-brainer.

  • You have really great reviews from your clients… but nobody knows about them.

Social media pages will let you display your positive feedback to the world, both by encouraging comments and linking your page up to a review site. You get the chance to show off your praise – and if you receive any negative comments then it’s a good place to keep your cool and show that you’re willing to embrace both positive and negative feedback.

  • You’re part of a niche industry.

From barbering to bookstores to digital agencies like ours, most industries have found space online to build up their own community. Whether it’s twitter, Instagram or a more obscure network, if other companies within your niche are gathering together to share ideas and communicate with customers then you should probably join them.


It seems that social media marketing offers something for everyone: you just need to know how to use it appropriately. This means choosing the right networks, targeting the right audience and creating content that gives real value to your followers. We know that a lot of companies don’t have the time or expertise, so if you’d like to discuss your social media marketing campaign with an experienced team then why not get in touch with JamRock Design today? We’ll be more than happy to discuss all of the options with you.


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