6 Reasons your Social Media Campaign is Failing

By January 25, 2016Uncategorized

The world of social media can be a confusing place, especially when it comes to using it for business purposes. It is certainly not the same as updating your own personal profile and not learning the differences can land you in some serious trouble by making some rookie mistakes. Here are six reasons why your current social media campaign may be failing.

  1. You are measuring your social media success purely by likes:
    Many businesses make the mistake of measuring social media success by the number of likes that they have received that day, admit it, are you a “like watcher”? That is a huge mistake as there is so many more variables to take into account with social media! Social media marketing is all about looking at the big picture and making plans that can be stuck to for the foreseeable future to create the best possible results in the long run.
  2. You are not measuring your success at all!
    Although likes are certainly not everything, you do need to have some sort of plan for the future and a measure for success – or how are you going to know what is working and what is holding your social media campaign back? Don’t waste your valuable time on a strategy that doesn’t work!
  3. Your social media efforts are not integrated!
    If your presence on social media is not working with your online marketing strategy in general, it may actually be working against you! You need to find your ‘voice’ as a brand and ascertain your target audience (both physically and online) as soon as you possibly can, so you can start targeting posts from the very beginning.
  4. You don’t have a social media management plan!
    Social media is not as simple and easy as it may first appear! Don’t make the rookie mistake of assuming that just anyone can do it. It takes understanding of your audience, knowledge of the best ways to target posts to get the highest possible rate of engagement from your audience. After all, it’s like your old Granny used to say, “failing to plan, is planning to fail”!
  5. Using social media to sell!
    Social media is not an open market, you are not there to sell! Sure occasionally, you can share a link to a product, or highlight the benefits of a certain service, but only when it’s relevant! Constant bombardment from brands is exhausting, and quite frankly, it’s down right annoying! Customers don’t want to be marketed to, especially not on their social media profiles, where they come to relax! Give your customers a bit more credit and become the brand they want to see updates from. If you just constantly attack them with products then they will certainly not stick around for more. Make sure you find a ‘voice’ for your brand and show people what your brand thinks, feels and most importantly – what it finds funny!

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