Why a Good Website is Essential to the Success of Your Business

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The internet is a huge part of all our lives nowadays and so having an online presence is vital to getting your brand seen by anyone. Your website is the front door to your business and needs to reflect you and your brand as you want people to see you as a company. Here are three reasons why a good website is key to the success of your business!

A good website needs to reflect you as a business owner and as a professional!
If your website looks slick, professional and well composed then people will assume the same of your business. Whereas if your website lacks certain attention to detail and appears generic looking then most people will either click away or think twice about using your services. Make sure your website represents your business in the way you want people to see you – your website is key in the reputation building of your company.

A good website can bring local business your way!
Many small businesses can only allocate their time and resources by advertising online using social media, this may typically be a single account on either Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Although this may be the only form of marketing available it may not have quite the effect you were hoping for.

Potential customers may question why your business is only on social media which may lead to them questioning the validity of your business. The internet is a crowded marketplace and with good quality websites available for reasonable prices it is recommended to make a small investment to purchase a website if you have the funds available. This will not only help you get your name and your brand out to more people but will also establish trust with potential customers when it comes to purchasing or ordering services from you.

A good website will divert traffic from local searches for your industry on Google and send more and more customers your way.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that as of the 21st April this year, Google began giving preferential ranking results to websites that were optimised for mobile browsing. This is undoubtedly as a response to the findings that smart phone browsing is quickly becoming statistically the most common way for people to browse the internet. This means that having a good, well built and mobile friendly website is almost essential if you want to retain an edge of your competitors in almost every industry advertised online.

A good website can bring in global business!
They don’t call it the world wide web for nothing! A good website will open your business up to a global audience of potential customers and bring your business onto the global stage. Did you ever consider getting orders for your products from Japan or Australia?

Making sure you have a fantastic website will allow you to become a global business. Your website will be visible in almost every country in the world, and that means that you can expand your potential client base by millions! Obviously you will still need to keep your target audience in mind, but this way it just means there will be more people to target!

Do you think your current website could do with a bit of TLC? Do you currently not have a website up and running and think you are ready to take your business to the next step? If so give us a call on 01524 509035 or send an email to find out what we can do for you to bring your business’ online presence up to the standard you know it needs to be.

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