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We’re not ones to bombard you with endless statistics, but here’s a good one: by the end of 2017, video traffic is projected to account for 74% of all traffic on the web. This means that video marketing is going to become more and more important over the coming months – and whether you’re sharing videos across social media or featuring them on your website (or both!), they’re going to become an invaluable marketing tool.

Take a look at what we have created so far:

Helping Businesses Thrive

If you utilise JamRock for your social media management or other forms of digital marketing, then we’ll also make sure that your video is shared with the right people. Alternatively, you’re welcome to just come to us for a one-off video service and publicise it yourself.

JamRock’s video marketing service allows you to benefit from professional and attractive videos, created in house by our experienced team. Following an initial consultation, where we find out what message you want to get out there and all the key facts that will help us to create engaging and eye-catching content, we’ll go away and put together a tailored video designed to connect with your audience and promote your message.

Contact us today to get started and let us know what sort of video you’d like to promote your brand.